Car body manufacturing or scaffolding: Maximum reliability is necessary wherever welding or bonding are involved. ISV EHR GmbH provides world-class, quality solutions for industrial weld inspections. With the help of SmartWe, the EHR Team can dedicate its full attention to customer requirements.

EHR‘s roots lie in industrial image processing. Since it was founded in 1991, this medium-sized company has developed into a specialist for optical weld seam testing. Today, the expert team from Pforzheim are in demand worldwide. EHR is represented on three continents and particularly active in China and Europe.

The company’s core competence is to provide custom solutions, for instance, for plant builders in the car industry. EHR’s turnkey systems provide users with a reliable means of measuring and inspecting welds or bonded connections – an important step in the quality control process for any industrial manufacturing. EHR also develops their own software, which perfectly complements their hardware. Customers profit from turnkey solutions, which include all the necessary components to ensure that their solutions are perfectly tailored to their purpose.

CRM solution as a key hub

The cloud-based CRM solution SmartWe is the mainstay between development, sales and customer service: “SmartWe creates optimum transparency in all our sales processes“, emphasizes Patrick Jerg, Sales Engineer.

SmartWe offers an optimal overview

“After merging with our Chinese subsidiary and due to our ever growing order book, we needed a central digital platform“, adds Samuel Rehmann, CRM Project Manager at EHR. It was a challenge to enable the best possible overview for everyone on the sales team and simultaneously to link the different company areas with each other.

“Our projects are always in flux“, explains Jerg. “Perfectly tailoring a system to a customer is an iterative process that requires a number of runs to get right. “This can often take place over months, during which there is a lively exchange between the development and sales teams as well as with the customers, for instance, with a plant manufacturer and then directly with the user of a system such as those used in the car industry. This whole process is characterized by lots of different stakeholders exchanging lots of documentation and calls with each other. Making sure that we are all on the same page is essential to the success of any project. This is where SmartWe comes in; it helps to free the team from routine and repetitive tasks while allowing them to access all the necessary information they need.

“I very much appreciate that SmartWe visualizes my project“, says Jerg. “When I open the solution, I can see at a glance which quotes are open and what the status of an open project is“? The digital customer dossier bundles all the core data, contact information, specifications and changes together in one location. Whoever has to deal with a process, can simply look in the customer dossier and hit the ground running – which is also a huge advantage in case anyone has to be represented in their absence.

„SmartWe is clear and intuitive to use thanks to its dashboards and apps.“


Patrick Jerg
Sales Engineer, ISV EHR

Start and work immediately

“SmartWe’s dashboards and apps are clear and intuitive to use“, emphasizes the sales employee. “You don’t need to do a course; you can simply start working with it right away. In just a few clicks, I can plan my week perfectly, as well as create tasks and status views and customize my dashboard view to suit my needs and taste. This means I can manage myself much more effectively.“

The cloud-based solution has another ace up its sleeve regarding user-friendliness; it does not require any maintenance or downtime. In addition, thanks to its uncomplicated scalability, you can integrate new users easily – your company is growing? No problem, SmartWe can grow with you.

Being so easy to handle on all end devices means that the digitalization of your daily processes gets a real boost. As Jerg points out: “What I really appreciate about SmartWe is that I can view and directly access all relevant information in one central solution. I particularly enjoy this level of transparency when scheduling and managing my appointments, whereby the appointments from my mobile device are automatically transferred to the CRM solution. My colleagues in the office can see immediately that the appointment has taken place, what was discussed and what the outcome of the meeting was and what they have to do next.“, stresses Patrick Jerg.

“We listened carefully to what our colleagues required to get their tasks done, then we defined our processes accordingly and aligned the SmartWe functions to match.“


Samuel Rehmann
CRM Project Manager, ISV EHR

His colleague, Rehmann, is delighted that users can customize SmartWe themselves using the App Designer. “Right from the start, we tailored SmartWe to suit our needs“, says the CRM Project Manager, who sees the ease of configuration as the solution’s super power. “ We listened carefully to what our colleagues required to get their tasks done, then we defined our processes accordingly and aligned the SmartWe functions to match The result is a genuinely powerful system that can be used every day and that fits our requirements perfectly.“

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ISV EHR GmbH offers solutions for industrial weld seam inspection – worldwide and leading in quality.


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