What is on the agenda today?

You can get information about your current day via the MyDay widget. Here your daily routine is clearly displayed.

This way, you are reminded of important customer appointments. Picasso also provides you with relevant documents, such as quotes or current complaints. It just does not get better than that!

Suggestions from your digital search assistant

If Picasso has not already provided you with all the relevant information, you can send it on an intelligent search. As it knows you well, it will quickly and accurately prepare the search results for you.

In addition, filtering is possible in the search, so that you can search for specific data records. No matter whether document, appointment, project or opportunity.

Picasso search gets smarter the more you use it.

The relevant information is prepared for you on the basis of artificial intelligence. The Picasso search searches your data in SmartWe in the background and links them intelligently for you.

The beauty of this is that SmartWe is adaptive in this way. This means that the more often you use the Picasso search, the better and more targeted its suggestions become.

Are you looking for an assistant? Here you go, your search is now complete. Or as Picasso would say: found!

The perfect customer experience.
Thanks to Picasso!

SmartWe is not just about providing you with support for appointments, but rather about providing you with efficient support throughout your whole day.

Even when you are mobile, the Picasso search is helpful as it provides you with a compact overview any currently relevant information. This allows you to focus entirely on your customer relationships.

Other functions

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