SmartWe® is unique.

Our goal with SmartWe is to build a free, impregnable ecosystem based on a common technological and value-driven foundation. In doing so, the focus is as much on people and their freedom as it is on technology.

As a cloud-based CRM platform, SmartWe belongs exclusively to the customers, employees, partners and developers themselves. That means you, too.

We develop our technologies ourselves with our digitally sovereign mindset. When we use complementary technologies, we use open source code and ensure maximum transparency.

A partnership of equals.

Do you want to become a SmartWe partner?

Our partner ecosystem consists of passionate and innovation-oriented partners each of whom makes an indispensable contribution to our software solution. That is why we look forward to meeting you and shaping the future together with you. Contact us and become part of our partner community.

SmartWe Manifest

Here are the 12 principles WE stand for.

SmartWe is THE digital platform for the emerging WeSociety

People, companies and organizations are becoming as well as effectively connected and networked.

SmartWe enables Europe's digital sovereignty

Europe has a moonshot program: By 2030, the digital sovereignty of people, companies, organizations and countries is to be secured. SmartWe offers the right platform, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

SmartWe promotes healthy relationships

Healthy relationships with employees, customers and partners are the basis of successful companies. SmartWe offers an optimal basis for applying customer centricity, customer experience, the fan principle and any relationship management (XRM).

SmartWe is the first CRM+AIA platform for self-owned SMEs

SmartWe can never be bought out by third parties such as competitors. The voting shares are held only by active employees, customers and partners.

SmartWe is the first platform company with profit limitation

Monopoly profits from scaling and network effects are unfair. We limit profits to 10% and invest excess profits in innovation and price reduction.

SmartWe offers an outstanding user experience

SmartDesign is simply fascinating and fascinatingly simple - SmartDesign has been awarded the German Design Award, among others.

SmartWe is emergent, adaptive and innovative

SmartWe is an emergent platform. It can be adapted almost indefinitely to the customer needs of the future. Continuous innovation leadership is the claim.

SmartWe is by design

All the data in SmartWe is the sole property of the customer. All data is stored in a trustworthy and redundant manner. It can also be moved to in-house systems.

SmartWe is the first enterprise software platform with Trusted Source

For the complete software, the source of each version is permanently stored with a trustee. This source can be viewed and audited by certified bodies.

SmartWe is the first CRM+AIA solution in the world

Smart assistants provide augmented intelligence, helping your employees to save time and thus become more effective, enabling them to be more involved in their work and enjoy their tasks.

SmartWe is the first CRM solution with the intelligent customer relationship assistant SmartXRA

With SmartXRA, users not only get a quick overview in the SmartXRA cockpit, but also suggestions and tips for improving relationships right away.

SmartWe inspires with a lively ecosystem and lived synergy

Customers, development partners, sales partners, cooperation partners, consultants and educational institutions strengthen the respective success through their trust, cooperation and networking knock-on effects.

Digital freedom

Digitally confident -
through and through

On our own servers, with our own hosting technology and the SmartWe Cloud, we control the complete value and processing chain of your data - from the server rack to the cloud application.

With our digitally sovereign DNA and adherence to the guidelines, SmartWe is arguably one of the fairest and most digitally sovereign spaces on the planet. Wow!

SmartWe attaches particular importance to the secure and trustworthy handling of your data. That is why we talk about digital freedom: When it comes to digital sovereignty we've got you covered − from consequences to specifics.

When it comes to Digital Sovereignty
we've got you covered.

Technology Freedom

We are independent of commercial software. This allows us to keep your fees low and invest maximally in the further development of the platform. Everyone in the ecosystem benefits from this. Just not the software monopolies of this world.

Data Freedom

Of course, you can always take your data with you in a common format. Be it for personal backup or if you want to move with your data. Your data belongs to you alone. You are free.

Design Freedom

SmartWe is simply fascinating software that helps you to playfully nurture your relationships. The software adapts to your needs, not the other way around. That is freedom, too!

Contractual Freedom

All apps can be subscribed to at any time and cancelled at the end of the month. Just like your SmartWe subscription.

Monopoly Freedom

SmartWe belongs to its ecosystem, which is the customers, partners and employees of SmartWe World SE. We guarantee that you will not become dependent on the next platform monopoly.


It is about to get wevolutionary.

In our view, the platform economies pose a threat to our market economies and our society. It is not acceptable that Internet corporations determine where things go and play monopoly with our freedom.

WeCompany vs. Platform monopolies

As the first WeCompany in the world, SmartWe stands for a revolutionary new way of doing business. Simply by the fact that nobody can take over, buy out or merge SmartWe®. A separate board of directors and CAS Software AG guarantee you that third-party ownership is just as impossible as the emergence of a new monopoly.

A win for all

SmartWe limits its own profit margin in order to invest the surplus in the further development of the platform technology and in stable low prices. For some, this is almost inconceivable - for us, it is simply about being consequent.

Our success model

As a self-owned stock corporation based on the cooperative principle, we focus on participation, business at eye level, and clear shareholding limits. In this way, we create stability, invest in innovation, and ensure security for the future. The voting shares belong exclusively to active customers, active partners, active contributors and the parent company of CAS Software AG. This means: you can be part of it, too.


The butterfly gives us wings

Butterflies are not only incredibly beautiful - they are also unique creatures: Isn't it fascinating how a small caterpillar in a cocoon transforms into a colorful butterfly and soars up into the air? That is pure magic. That is why the butterfly inspires us as a symbol of life, transformation and freedom.

For us, it is the symbol of our own development - because SmartWe is a platform that is just as unique and opens up new possibilities and promotes successful relationships with every flap of its wings.

Grows with you. Thinks with you.

That's why we developed SmartWe as an intuitive CRM software including thinking assistants that are available to you on the go anytime, anywhere. We also provide you with an app designer that allows you to create apps yourself - without programming knowledge. In the SmartWe App Store, you can share your apps with others or get additional apps in the future.

Always by your side.

A customer-engaging software like SmartWe only makes you fit for the future if it grows naturally and adaptively with your goals and you can flexibly adjust it to your needs yourself.

Customer Centricity promotes
a shared future

For us, healthy and sustainable relationships are something very valuable because they form the foundation for trust, emotional connection and success. Above all, this means a partnership relationship at eye level.

Customer-centricity is our thing.

We understand Customer Centricity, more than a mindset, Customer Centricity is the aspiration to consistently align everything in your company with your customers and stakeholders. SmartWe provides you a way to know what your customers want in detail, their wishes, needs and expectations. In particular, you can look at the behavior and needs of digital users - in other words, everything we understand by the term User Centricity.

Your customers - your fans.

With customer centricity as your corporate mission statement, you strive for a unique emotional connection between you and your customers. This is exactly where SmartWe supports you in the form of efficient functions and intelligent assistants such as the fan indicator: This gives you an overview of the current relationship status at all times. Use the fan principle and your customers will become fans.

From the middle class
for the middle class.

We ourselves are a medium-sized family business with over 450 co-creators and share a passion with everyone who develops something great for the future from an idea.

We know about the hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, self-employed people and community-based initiatives that exist in Europe and their enormous importance for the future.