Why you will achieve
your goals with SmartWe®.

SmartWe in Comparison

SmartWe® goes far beyond the standard.

Digital Assistants

The assistant who knows your customers.

As the world's first CRM+AIA® solution, SmartWe opens the door to the digitally networked future for you: AIA stands for Augmented Intelligence Assistant and - in combination with CRM - is the next evolutionary step in customer relationship management. SmartWe is made up of a large number of intelligent assistants that use artificial intelligence to help with daily tasks and in dialog with customers and business partners. One of them, for example, is the Picasso Search.

The smart assistants help you plan your own day optimally and provide a valuable overview of all important events and developments. Important business decisions can be made more easily by evaluating linked company information. Even the emotional relationship status of customers’ is on hand for you at all times.

"SmartWe comes to us as a user-centric platform that makes internal networking much easier for everyone and strengthens digital exchange and dialogue."

Jan Plagge
President of Bioland e.V. 


Adaptive Software

Just what you need.
Just the way you want it.

Sustainable business success can only be achieved if you can flexibly adapt to ever-changing requirements. When your needs change, you simply adapt your SmartWe to them.

In the SmartWe App Store, you can flexibly subscribe to apps that fit your needs on a monthly basis. You can also use the App Designer to create apps without any programming knowledge. Is your sales team often on the road and needs access to all information? No problem, SmartWe lets you work seamlessly on your customer relationships on any device.

Fan Principle

When your customers become fans.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support in building emotional customer loyalty. With SmartWe, you can now even measure this connection. With the Fan Indicator, you can see the status of your relationships at any time. This way, you can classify the relationship status with your customers at a glance before you contact them the next time.

"With SmartWe, we can optimally support the collaboration of international teams. The simple and intuitive use is an asset for our network."

Petra Vogt
Coordinator of the Stakeholders' IT circle for the International Initiative for the Common Good Economy


Because the We wins.

As a cloud-based platform, SmartWe's voting shares belong exclusively to the customers, employees, partners and developers themselves. As a cooperative-inspired stock corporation in self-ownership, you benefit from participation, communication at eye level, and clear share limitations.

We deliberately limit our own profit margin in order to invest the surplus in the further development of the platform technology. For you, this means stable low prices and software that is always up to date. This way we can always offer you new possibilities.


The SmartWe® Manifesto.

Whether WeSociety, fair.digtial or healthy relationships: We are guided by a total of 12 principles that WE embodies and which are set out in a manifesto.