Contact management

Everything starts with a smile.

Give your customers exactly the right amount of attention they desire from you and start organizing your relationships in a customer-centric way.

SmartWe offers you everything you need for this: Basics like the correct address, the right phone number, e-mail and so on are just as much a part of it as the contact history, the simple address import and much more.

Import contacts

Say hello to your imported contacts.

When you use SmartWe for the first time, you will be thrilled with the many features that support you from the start.



Give your customers exactly the attention they want from you and start organizing your relationships in a customer-centric way. Simply copy-and-paste existing address data from an e-mail signature or website into SmartWe and get a qualified contact instantly.


Simply import your existing contacts via csv file or use the address wizard to create completely new contacts. This means you do not waste time on time-consuming research and you can create new contacts quickly and cleanly.

Turn business cards into digital contacts.

Did you know that you can even do magic with SmartWe? At least it feels like it. The Card Scanner in SmartWe Mobile app helps you do just that. Turn analog business cards into digital contacts before they end up in a drawer. Use them actively to address your customers.

The smart assistant recognizes the information printed on the business card, automatically transfers it to SmartWe and places the data in the appropriate place. Really magical: This saves you a lot of time.

By the way: If you want to save even more time, take a look at the SmartWe Calendar.

Do not be afraid of duplicates.

Maybe you have already experienced this: One of your dear colleagues creates a new contact that already exists and thinks nothing of it.

With SmartWe you minimize the risk of creating duplicates and don't have to be afraid of duplicates. Display duplicates and merge them.

This leaves only one contact, in which all the information is centrally bundled.

Equal knowledge for all –
always and everywhere.

SmartWe is an address book, calendar and document storage system all in one. Only digital and interconnected. Because customer data is stored centrally in SmartWe, you work with your colleagues on the same database.

This way, everyone in the team can find out about past, planned and potential activities and events at your favorite customers. The knowledge is bundled and in the team you benefit from the mutual exchange of all relevant information - even if someone is on the road or on vacation.

Like a Swiss Army knife – only more versatile.

Hooray, your customer is calling: Be happy, because with SmartWe you now have all the important information at hand and can optimally serve your customers.

A glance at the individual customer history in the dossier is all it takes: There you will find all the relevant details digitally linked together at a glance. For example, the current status, the original offer, the last phone call, previous e-mail correspondence, or past support tickets.

In this way, you accompany your customers step-by-step in every phase of the customer journey and inspire them with genuine all-round knowledge. What customer would not feel like a king? We will show you how this can help you in lead management.

Digital sovereignty

Top priority:
The security of your data.

Finally, the most important thing: Your customers' data belongs to you and only you.

This is our conviction and at the same time our promise. You data in SmartWe is in safe hands thanks to the strict German hosting standards. Sensitive data needs maximum security. We are regularly certified for this by various organizations. With SmartWe Hosting, we store your data in our own hosting infrastructure. From the server rack to the cloud application in your browser - we guarantee sovereignty over your data!

By the way: If you cancel your subscription, you can simply take your data with you. And when it comes to the security of your data, we trust only ourselves.

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