Lead management

The most potential
is right at the start.

With the opportunity app, you efficiently organize your lead management from the first touch point.

With the deep integration of the opportunity into your SmartWe, you can closely integrate it with your other sales processes.

SmartWe® gets you to the finish line.

The call with a prospect went well, and you definitely want to stay on track with this lead. This is where SmartWe comes in: Simply create an opportunity, give it a name and enter relevant information, such as the lead phase, the person responsible in the team and the sales probability. You have already created a sales opportunity and can now develop the contact in a targeted manner.


Dossier good. All good.

The opportunity dossier is the heart of a successful sales transaction. Here you will find all information such as documents, phone calls, appointments and mails for the sales opportunity clearly arranged.

As a team, you quickly gain an overview of which action was performed last and can thus more easily coordinate follow-up actions in the initiation. Making contact once too often, or not often enough, can be critical during this phase!

Into the funnel!

On the SmartWe dashboard, your leads are clearly displayed in a sales funnel. This means you have a productive and clear tool at your fingertips and can manage your leads in a targeted manner based on the respective acquisition phase.

Offers your customers can only say YES to. 

The prospect is convinced of your services. Now, you can convince them of your offer. By easily creating an offer in SmartWe with the products and services that your prospect needs. You can send the offer directly from the opportunity via e-mail – this is the quickest way to ensure you successfully close the sale.

It pays to stick with it!

Congratulations on a successful sale! Now it is time to follow up with your customer and take advantage of cross-selling potential. Seize the opportunity, invest the time and build a customer-centric relationship.

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