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Using SmartWe is fascinatingly simple. If you still want to learn more about the use of individual functions, you can dive deeper into the world of our platform here.

First steps in SmartWe

Frequently asked questions answered in an understandable way.

Your SmartWe trial and subscription

How does the free trial period work?

During the trial period you can use SmartWe for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. You can switch to full service at any time. If you do not become a customer during the trial period, your SmartWe account will be automatically deactivated. We will delete your data within 180 days after deactivation. That's a promise!

Can I work with real data during the free start phase?

You can work with real data, in a team and mobile during the trial period. This is the only way to get an accurate impression of SmartWe. Try it out!

How do I become a customer?

The free trial period ends automatically after 30 days. If you like SmartWe, you can easily switch to the SmartWe subscription of your desired edition within the trial period. 

To do so, click on the button "Become a customer", which you can find in your SmartWe in the upper menu bar on the right.

If you want to subscribe to SmartWe after your trial period is over, contact us and we will take care of the rest!

What is it going to cost?

All costs are transparent from the beginning on. We have no hidden fees.
After the 30-day free trial period, you only pay for the users that are activated in that particular calendar month. If the number of activated users decreases, you will pay less in the following month.

You can find an overview of the prices listed in our editions.

Note: Users are considered activated even if they are not actively using SmartWe.

How much freedom do I have in the SmartWe subscription?

Your digital freedom is very important to us. That's why we don't want to tie you down in a subscription trap or a long-term contract.

You start your SmartWe experience in a 30-day trial period and decide during that time if you want to become a customer.
Yes, you do? Then subscribe to SmartWe in your desired edition. There is no minimum contract period, you can cancel at any time up to 10 days before the end of a month.

How do I cancel?

SmartWe has no minimum contract period. You can cancel every month. The cancellation must be received by SmartWe World SE in writing at least 10 working days before the end of the month or can be comfortably managed by using the subscription management in the SmartWe app administration.

The 30-day trial period ends automatically and does not need to be cancelled.

What is digital freedom and what does it mean for me?

The digital sovereignty of our customers and ourselves is extremely important to us. By digital freedom, we mean making ourselves independent of platform monopolies and controlling our entire value chain in a self-determined manner.

As a SmartWe customer, you too can enjoy digital freedom. How? We'll tell you how we think digital sovereignty through to the end.

SmartWe is a WeCompany, what does that mean?

SmartWe, as the first WeCompany in the world, is a self-owned corporation. The voting shares belong exclusively to our active customers, partners and employees. Third-party ownership and the development of a monopoly are excluded.

Your SmartWe solution

What system requirements do I need to use SmartWe?

SmartWe is a web-based solution that can be opened and used in almost any current internet browser. It is based on the HTML5 standard. 

For mobile use, we recommend the SmartWe app. Download it from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store.

SmartWe requires locally installed applications for a few functions. These can be installed on most operating systems.
However, we recommend Microsoft-based operating systems.

An overview of all system requirements can be found in our online help.

How do I get support if I have questions?

In our SmartWe online help we have collected a lot of information about SmartWe.

You didn't find the right answer?
Then feel free to contact us. Please have some information at hand so that we can help you as soon as possible. What is not working for you? Which actions lead to your problem? Since when does it not work anymore? Are other users affected?

If you are supported by one of our SmartWe partners, you can contact them.

What is the difference between the SmartWe editions?

We offer SmartWe in 3 editions, depending on how big your team is and how complex your work processes are.

Under editions you can take a look at the respective functions. Find out which SmartWe suits you best.
Feel free to contact us, we will support you in your decision.

Tip: Starting with the SmartWe Team edition, you can customize existing apps to meet your requirements or create entirely new apps.

Can I also work offline with SmartWe?

Yes. Download the documents you need beforehand in online mode and access them when you don't have an internet connection. Once you're back online, you can simply overwrite the archive files.

In general, SmartWe is accessible to you with an availability of over 99 percent per year. Exceptions are times when the servers are not available due to software updates or maintenance work. Of course we will inform you about this in time. Under circumstances beyond SmartWe's control, downtime may occur in rare cases (e.g. force majeure, fault of third parties).

Where do I find the SmartWe app for mobile use?

In your browser, you can log in with your login data under Login.

If you are using your tablet or smartphone, you can download the SmartWe Mobile app for your device and log in comfortably with your login data.

To do so, go to your app store: Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If you have any questions about mobile use, you can find support in the online help for the SmartWe Mobile App.

Why should I download the SmartAddon?

SmartWe asks you to download the addon because you have not installed it on your device yet. The SmartAddon allows you to open MS Office documents with just one click via SmartWe, edit them directly and save them directly back to SmartWe. For example, you can edit a presentation in PowerPoint and automatically save it back to SmartWe. That way, you are always up to date.

If an update of SmartAddon has been made, you will automatically be asked to download again.

What is the SmartWe App Store?

The SmartWe Store contains apps that you can flexibly add to your SmartWe. For example, if you need an extension for your needs, you can look for a solution in the SmartWe Store and simply subscribe to the respective app. You can also cancel this subscription on a monthly basis.

Just take a look around the SmartWe Store.

Can I create apps myself in SmartWe?

Yes, you can! And you can do this without a degree in computer science or being an IT expert.

With the SmartWe App Designer starting with the SmartWe Team edition, you can create new data set types or customize existing ones according to your wishes.
Design your own SmartWe web or cockpit app. For example, have the weather displayed every morning when you open SmartWe and keep an overview with your tax cockpit.

For support, see the App Designer online help.

What kinds of assistants does SmartWe have?

SmartWe is designed to give you more time for what's truly important: your customers. To make it easier for you, our Augmented Intelligence Assistants, or AIA® for short, are there to help you.

Use the address assistant and get your contacts on board in no time at all. The mailing assistant makes it easier than ever to send out mass mailings.
Your personal assistant Picasso keeps you up to date every day so you don't lose track.

Was does AIA® mean?

AIA® stands for "Augmented Intelligence Assistants". It refers to the assistance features in SmartWe that support you in your everyday work. These are assistants that do not make their own decisions as artificial intelligence, but rather extend the intelligence of the user and enrich it with comprehensible suggestions. One of them is our Picasso search.

How many languages is SmartWe available in?

SmartWe is available in 12 languages: 
Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.

Under the settings in the Language and Region app, you can select your preferred language and the appropriate date and time format. 

For more information on the settings options, see the SmartWe online help.

Why are there butterflies everywhere?

We are fascinated by how a small caterpillar in a cocoon transforms into a colorful butterfly and takes off into the air. For us, the butterfly is the symbol of life, transformation and freedom. For us, it is the symbol of our own development – because SmartWe is a platform that is just as unique and opens up new possibilities and promotes successful relationships with every flap of its wings.

Your SmartWe data security

Is my data secure in SmartWe?

The protection of your data is our primary goal. SmartWe is a digitally sovereign solution, where the control over your data lies with you. Your data is hosted in an independent, ISO 27001-certified high-security data center in Germany. All basic components are redundant to prevent data loss. When storing your data, we adhere to the regulations of the EU-GDPR. 

Will my data be transferred via a secure connection?

For secure communication between you and the data center, all transmitted data is encrypted via SSL/TLS. 

Which data protection regulations apply to my data?

We adhere to the regulations of the EU-GDPR. In addition, SmartWe has been awarded the label as a fair and digitally sovereign cloud platform.

What do I have to consider when storing personal customer data in SmartWe?

According to the new EU-GDPR, every company that has personal data processed by a service provider must sign a processing contract. When using SmartWe, we are the service provider that processes your data.

Here you can find our order processing contract with technical organisational measures that protect you and your customers' data.

Your SmartWe partnership

What advantages does a SmartWe partnership offer me?

Strong partners are an integral part of SmartWe. We benefit from your valuable experience, which you actively contribute to our partner ecosystem. In return, you benefit not only from an attractive commission, but also from intensive support and qualified assistance from personal contacts in marketing, sales, support and development. You have access to extensive CRM knowledge via the partner portal and within our wide range of training courses, so you can keep your CRM qualifications up to date. We are there to support you all along the way, from the acquisition phase to project implementation and even second-level support issues - the right contact person is always at your side. Our goal is to develop long-term partner relationships on an equal basis.

What is my task as a SmartWe partner?

As a SmartWe partner, you convince your prospects of our solutions and score points with a well-developed network. Depending on the partner level, you act as a recommender & tipster or go the whole way from sales to consulting and implementation to first-level support for our unique cloud platform. As a Development Partner, you develop customer specific solutions, industry templates, apps and connections for the SmartWe App Store based on our SmartWe platform.

What are the areas in which I can become a SmartWe partner?

The various partner programs of SmartWe World SE are geared to the market and its requirements. Our partner levels and additional qualifications cover clearly defined areas of responsibility. Partner levels are Affiliate Partner, Certified Partner, Development Partner as well as individual partnerships such as Cooperation Partner, Consulting Partner or Academic Partner. The partner solution that best suits you will be determined in a personal meeting with your partner manager.

How do I become a partner?

The path to partnership is as simple and flexible as our cloud platform itself. In just three steps, you become a partner and part of our community:

1. The first step is a personal interview with your future partner manager.

2. After the interview, you both decide on the appropriate partner level and conclude the contract together.

3. In the final step, you will be trained and certified as a partner and the first joint customer projects will be implemented.

Who do I contact if I want to become a partner?

Contact us - from Affiliate to Certified to Development or individual partnerships. Together, we will find the best solution for you.

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