You are the new organizational talent.

From now on you have your time management fully under control. Whether in the daily, weekly or monthly overview - with SmartWe you have a full overview of your appointments 365 days a year.

SmartWe offers you many practical features for clarity, efficiency and structure.
Create recurring appointments with just a click, get warnings about conflicting appointments and trigger spontaneous follow-up actions during business meetings to delight your counterpart with the radial menu.


It is all a question of space and time.

Sharing time with your customers and colleagues has never been easier: With SmartWe, you can turn your appointments into clearly structured events with just one click and choose the right time and place for them at any time.

Scroll through space and time with ease in the quick overview and invite your customers to a joint appointment. With the integrated resource calendar, you always have the occupancy schedule of rooms or the availability of hardware in view. With just a click, you can book the vacant room and reserve the projector for your presentation.


Your dates. Your rules.

With SmartWe, every appointment is an event. Add important additional information to your appointments. Determine the appointment type and use predefined templates such as training, customer appointment and much more.

Specify the number of participants in advance and define who is allowed to see or edit the appointment via the access authorization. This creates clarity and brings efficiency to the calendar.

Put an end to scheduling crashes.

Are you tired of a confusing jungle of appointments? The team calendar helps you to get a quick overview of when your colleagues are free and puts an end to annoying scheduling conflicts.

While you are still creating an appointment, SmartWe checks in the background whether participation is possible for everyone in the team and provides you with an overview of the time alternatives.

This way, you can easily plan the next meeting for everyone without having to check with each individual first. This saves you time that you can better use for your customers, your team and for yourself.

Addicted to recurring appointments?

Do you meet regularly with the same people? We have what you need. In the calendar, you can easily create a recurring series of appointments for yourself, for a project group or for the whole team.

And best of all when compared to genuine recurrences: you can decide the duration of the repeat interval yourself, the week day, the notification status and the end of the recurrence.

We even make files sexy again.

Would you always like to be optimally prepared when skipping between appointments? Then simply jump to the all important information in parallel in the calendar, and you will have the knowledge on a project, customer, any relevant documents or an offer available to you directly in the appointment dossier.

Because you store all your knowledge centrally in SmartWe, you can access the relevant information quickly and easily. This way, you link your appointments with all other tasks, documents, phone calls, projects, emails and contacts and summarize them in a constantly updated virtual file.

From now on, you are just one click away from the participants' dossier. This way, you can prepare yourself optimally in advance and also shine with insider knowledge during the personal appointment. Your customer will be amazed at how well informed you are.

This makes a big impact.

Synchronize your appointments via Mobile Sync with the calendar of your smartphone - no matter which operating system you use. So you have always have fast access to your appointments and iCal export no matter where you are.

However, the whole thing also works the other way around: Thus, changes to the appointment are transferred back to SmartWe during the next synchronization.

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