Whether in the barn, in the field, in the region or in politics - Bioland is all about the big picture: Because for the association and its members, biodiversity, animal welfare, climate and the environment are central issues in their daily work. Of course, this also includes close and good relationships with producers and their customers.


Shared values for vibrant relationships

With around 10,000 members from production, manufacturing and trade, Bioland is the leading association for organic agriculture in Germany: "We see ourselves as a community that takes responsibility for the future," explains Jan Plagge, President of Bioland e.V. The seven Bioland principles embody the ideal of sustainable and animal welfare-based agriculture. Anyone who chooses Bioland at the counter or in the supermarket says yes to high-quality food and no to genetic engineering, factory farming, chemical-synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides.

Businesses network digitally

In order to communicate with its member companies quickly and at eye level, the association is fully committed to actively shaping the digital transformation. "SmartWe is deployed as a user-centric platform that makes internal networking much easier for everyone and strengthens digital exchange and dialog," says Jan Plagge, describing one of the goals of the digital strategy, which is designed for long-term sustainability and to grow adaptively with the needs and wishes of users.

"Bioland is a community of values and lives through participation - SmartWe enables us to bring our farms throughout Germany and South Tyrol even closer together."

Jan Plagge
Bioland President

Digitization strengthens direct marketing

A look at the practical side of things shows the concrete advantages this brings, for example, for direct marketers and their local customers. Via the SmartWe platform "My Bioland", direct marketers maintain their presence on the bioland.de website themselves.

With their product range, special services, contact details and current opening hours, the direct marketers reach not only their own regular customers. The online presence is especially helpful for those who specifically inquire online about Bioland farms in the area.

The advantage: All farms that market products or services to end customers can be easily found on a digital map on bioland.de. In this way, Bioland strengthens direct marketing locally with the awareness and appeal of its own brand, especially in times of digitalization.

Knowledge and know-how available at all times

At the same time, SmartWe serves as a knowledge and service portal for Bioland farms for daily use: Important and current information about organic farming is available digitally at any time, can be found clearly in the document library, and can of course be downloaded directly. This includes the Bioland trade magazine as well as guidelines, advisory information, conference documents or news from the regional associations.

Awarded in recognition of outstanding customer orientation

No wonder, then, that Bioland has already received the prestigious Customer Centricity Award for building a forward-looking community of values and establishing an outstanding customer focus.

"We are very pleased to be able to support the ecological and digital transformation at Bioland," says SmartWe CEO Martin Hubschneider. "As a project partner, we are very proud to help shape the agriculture of the future together with Bioland."

More Information at: Bioland e.V.

Bioland President Jan Plagge (left) accepts the Customer Centricity Award from laudator Martin Hubschneider (right) for building a future- and customer-oriented community of values.


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