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German record champion and cup winner as well as Champions’ League and World Cup winner - the wheelchair basketball club - Lahn-Dill are among the best in the world. To keep things running smoothly off the court, RSV Lahn-Dill uses the SmartWe CRM solution for its appointment and contact management.

Founded in 1983, the club has developed into one of the most renowned and successful clubs in Europe to date. The goal is to combine professional sport in the Paralympic field with social responsibility and to bring this into the focus of the public. It is this mixture that accounts for the national and international success of RSV Lahn-Dill.

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Inspiring adaptivity

For RSV Lahn-Dill, the search for a suitable software solution for digitalizing its administration and ensuring digital collaboration began in 2018.  They were particularly interested in the platform having a clear and simple structure to aid user navigation. Finally, they became aware of the CRM solution SmartWe through the recommendation of an association partner. In the final decision, the adaptability of the CRM solution was particularly convincing.

"When we started to look intensively at CRM solutions for digital collaboration, it quickly became clear to us which values and functions we placed a particular focus on. SmartWe was able to fully meet our specific requirements as a professional sports club, which is why we chose this solution," reports Andreas Joneck, Managing Partner of the club.

The implementation was carried out by the qualified CAS partner crm consults from Wettenberg, who accompanied RSV Lahn-Dill throughout the entire implementation process and adapted the CRM solution to the wishes of the club.

"SmartWe was able to fully meet our specific requirements as a professional sports club, which is why we chose this solution."

Andreas Joneck
Managing Partner RSV Lahn-Dill


Support for long-standing partnerships

Cooperation with partners and sponsors has a long tradition at RSV Lahn-Dill. That is why the club attaches great importance to maintaining personal contacts and individual communication with the approximately 150 partners from various business sectors. In order not to lose the overview, SmartWe supports the simple and fast digitalization of all contacts. All contact information is captured without errors and stored centrally. This means that important data, such as receipts of payments from partners for accounting purposes and notes from discussions with potential new partners, can be accessed directly in the respective contact at any time. All information about the partners is available with one click in the quick view.

"On a day-to-day basis, we use SmartWe primarily to maintain our contact data and manage it. At the same time, we can improve the quality and simplify our internal processes. Especially when working with our partners, it helps us a lot to maintain an overview and to be able to build new relationships," says Andreas Joneck.

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All your appointments in view

Whether it's a training session, a press date, an away game or an appointment with the partners - the schedule of the players and the club administration is well filled. The team keeps track of everything with the digital team calendar from SmartWe.

More time for the essentials

At RSV Lahn-Dill, SmartWe is used daily by four office employees. Acceptance of the CRM solution was very high right from the start due to its simple user-friendliness. This enabled the club to not only optimize its appointment and contact management, but also to make internal processes more efficient.

"With SmartWe, we save around two hours a week that we used to spend on data maintenance and tedious administrative tasks before the implementation. Thanks to the CRM solution, we have more time for our players, partners and the entire club administration. This makes our work much easier," Andreas Joneck is pleased to say. "Based on our very positive experience with SmartWe, we would of course recommend the CRM solution to others."

More information at: RSV Lahn-Dill

"With SmartWe, we save around two hours a week. [...] Thanks to the CRM solution, we have more time for our players, partners and the entire club administration. That makes our work a lot easier."

Andreas Joneck
Managing Partner RSV Lahn-Dill


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