Promoting the common good instead of profit orientation, ethical market economy instead of pure profit maximization - the economic model of the common good economy is revolutionary in more ways than one. With the help of SmartWe, the civic movement optimizes individual processes saving time and costs in the process.

The term Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (GWÖ) refers to an economic system based on values that promote the common good, such as solidarity, justice and transparency. The initiative, which was founded in Austria in 2010, focuses on establishing an ethical economic system that places social and ecological sustainability at its core. To date, over 9,000 members and more than 2,000 companies worldwide support GWÖ.

Clear member management

The increasing number of members and the international success are also associated with challenges that could no longer be managed efficiently and within the specified cost framework by the existing systems. The choice fell on the cloud solution SmartWe, in which individual address and role structures can be created for all supporters in order to map the complex association organization in a structured manner, even across national borders. At the same time, the central data management offers even more transparency and an overview of the association's everyday work.

"Our members are active in many different ways all over the world. With SmartWe, we have found a central solution with which we can optimally support our international teams. Whether it's a main or branch association, a stakeholder group or a regional group - thanks to the CRM solution, we have an overview of all association memberships at all times," reports Petra Vogt, coordinator of the stakeholder group IT.

Increase efficiency and save time

With the help of SmartWe, the international association operates more efficiently at both the operational and financial levels. "We want to inspire people for values that promote the common good and are ideally supported by SmartWe in our everyday work. For example, the digital dossier with all the relevant contact information is in daily use at our company. Early error detection saves us additional time and costs, which we can invest in new projects," Petra Vogt is pleased to say.

"We want to inspire people with values that promote the common good, and we are ideally supported by SmartWe in our day-to-day work."

Petra Vogt
Coordinator of the Stakeholders' Circle IT, Common Good Economy

Uncomplicated solution that adapts

The flexibility of the CRM solution combined with the ability to make our own configurations using the app-based operating concept was particularly convincing. "We really appreciate being able to adapt the system to our individual needs and at the same time configure our own solutions. This allows us to constantly optimize business processes even without programming knowledge and to continue to be independent and flexible," says Petra Vogt. "In combination with the simple and intuitive handling, SmartWe is an asset for our network."

Certified cloud solution

With the decision for SmartWe, the network of the GWÖ movement follows its investment-safe digitalization strategy. Awarded the seal of approval, the flexible and expandable cloud solution stands for compliance with high data protection regulations and guarantees software quality 'Made and hosted in Germany'.


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