Data Protection SmartWe Mobile App

SmartWe is a cloud-based application of SmartWe World SE for your xRM. Besides our online service, we provide you with a mobile app, which you can download to your mobile device. If you do so, the rights described here apply.


Responsible authority

Manufacturer of the app:

SmartWe World SE

CAS-Weg 1-5

76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

represented by chairman Martin Hubschneider.


Installing the app

When downloading the app, the information necessary for downloading is transmitted to the app store you have selected. You can learn which information is transmitted in the terms of use of the respective Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores. We do not control and are not responsible for this data collection.

We do not further process or save the data that is collected.


Required permissions

If in use, the app requires the following permissions solely for the following purposes:

  • Network connection
    To validate your user account and to access your data, the SmartWe App requires access to the server of the SmartWe World SE via the network.
  • Phone
    To be able to call contacts from within the app
  • Photos/Media/Files
    To be able to upload photos you have already taken from your mobile device to SmartWe
  • Device ID and call information
    Are used for anonymous statistics in the app stores

Optionally, the app requires the following permissions:

  • Location data (via GPS)
    For the proximity search
  • Camera
    To be able to upload photos
  • Address book
    To upload address data and save it as contacts

If you decline the optional permissions, you cannot use the corresponding functions of the app. You can grant or decline the permissions in the settings later on. If you permit access to those data and functions, the app will only access the data and transmit it to your tenant (cf. Personal data) on our server if it is necessary for executing those functions.


Required Data for using the app

To be able to use some of our services, you must have a SmartWe account. This account is created for you and assigned to you by an administrator of your organization.

  • Tenant
    For clear identification at the SmartWe Server.
  • User name
    For clear identification at the SmartWe Server.
  • Password
    Your personal password, which you or your administrator have defined for yourself to use SmartWe, is also required to log on to the SmartWe App. If you change your password, the new password also applies to the SmartWe App. Please keep your password confidential to protect your SmartWe account. You are responsible for the activities on and of your SmartWe account. Please do not use the password of your <SmartWe> account for third-party services. If you notice unauthorized use of your password or your SmartWe account, please inform your administrator immediately.

If you use biometric logon, the app accesses a native system function of your smartphone. Only the success or failure of the authorization check is transmitted to the SmartWe App.


Personal Data

In the context of your SmartWe tenant, you can generate contents. You retain the copyright and all existing commercial property rights to the contents you generate using our service.

Employees of SmartWe World SE or contractually entitled service providers of SmartWe World SE only receive access to your data if your organization explicitly grants access to the data.

Your data are saved on a server located in Germany and fully comply with the policies of the SOFTWARE HOSTED IN GERMANY ® seal.

Please consult the SmartWe privacy statement for further details on the storage of personal data.


Data transmission to third parties

The data you have entered remain within the context of your SmartWe tenant and are not transmitted to third parties. Please consult third-party data protection regulations if you deploy third-party extensions for your SmartWe.


Feedback functions

Activating automatic error reports

To support us in the further development of the SmartWe App, you can automatically send us error reports. You can activate anonymous error reports under “Settings” > “App information”. For us to be able to understand the context of your feedback, the following data are transmitted along with your feedback:

  • Manufacturer of the mobile device
  • Type of mobile device
  • Installation ID (number randomly generated in the app, which does not allow for an allocation of device and person and is valid per installation)
  • Operating system and installed version
  • App version
  • Error report without personal data, for error tracking
  • Date and Time

The feedback is transmitted anonymously and the use of the function must be permitted.

Log files

In addition to the automatic error reports, you can send us an error log (log file) any time. Under “Settings” > “App information”, you can send us a log file via e-mail using the “Show log” button. For us to be able to understand the context of your feedback, the following data are transmitted along with your feedback:

  • Is your mobile device a smartphone or a tablet
  • Network connection (WLAN or Internet): yes or no
  • Language
  • App version
  • Biometric logon: on or off
  • Server version
  • Error in the app, anonymous
  • Offline: on or off, incl. error messages
  • Used data

The log file is transmitted anonymously, and the use of the function is voluntary. You can send the file to yourself at any time.

When writing your feedback, please keep in mind not to include any personal data. This applies to the text as well as other data, for example, screenshots you send to us. Any feedback is sent to us as an encrypted text message. Please note that you will therefore not receive an answer to your feedback.


Your rights

Please consult the SmartWe privacy statement for information on your rights as a company.


Communication channels

If you want to contact SmartWe World SE, send us an e-mail to


Contact Data: data protection officer

Thomas Heimhalt (External data protection officer)




Changes or adjustments to the privacy statement

The privacy statement is currently valid and dated April 23rd, 2020.

Due to legal changes, or the further development of our app, or the implementation of new technology, it might be necessary to adjust this privacy statement to current circumstances. Only the privacy statement which can be accessed at the time of your visit is valid.