Data privacy regulations 365 Add-In

SmartWe is a cloud-based application of SmartWe World AG for your XRM. As an additional client for your daily work, we provide the Office 365 add-in, which can be downloaded to your Microsoft product. If you do so, the rights described here apply.


Responsible authority

Manufacturer of the app:


SmartWe World AG

CAS-Weg 1-5

76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

represented by chairman Martin Hubschneider.


Installing the add-in

When downloading the Office 365 add-in, the information required for downloading is transmitted to the Microsoft Store. Please refer to the terms of use of the Microsoft Store to discover which information is transmitted. We have no control over this data collection and are not responsible for it.

We do not further process or store the collected data.


Required permissions

We do not require any further permissions to use the Office 365 add-in.


Required Data for using the app

You require a SmartWe account to use some of our services. This account is created for you and assigned to you by an administrator within your organization.

  • Tenant
    For clear identification on the SmartWe server
  • User name
    For clear identification on the SmartWe server
  • Password
    Your personal password, assigned by yourself or by your administrator for use of SmartWe, is also required to log on to the SmartWe app. If you change your password, the new password is also valid for the SmartWe app. Please keep your password safe and do not share it with anyone to protect your SmartWe account. You are responsible for the activities relating to your SmartWe account. If possible, do not use your SmartWe account password for third-party services. Notify your administrator immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or SmartWe account.


Personal Data

You are able to generate contents within the context of your SmartWe tenant. You retain the copyright and all existing commercial property rights to any content you submit/post to our service.

Employees of SmartWe World AG or contractually authorized service providers of SmartWe World AG are only granted access to your data if your organization explicitly grants them access to this data.

Your data will be stored on a server in Germany in full compliance with the guidelines of the SOFTWARE HOSTED IN GERMANY ® quality seal.

Please refer to the data privacy statement of SmartWe for further details on the storage of personal data.


Transmitting data to third parties

Any data you enter shall remain within the context of your SmartWe tenant and will not be transmitted to third parties. Please observe the data privacy regulations of third parties if you deploy third-party extensions for your SmartWe.


Feedback functions

Activating automatic error reports

The Office 365 add-in does not offer automatic feedback functions.

Sending an error report

You can send an error report (optionally including a log file) at any time. In the bottom section, you can use the “Send error report” button to e-mail us a log file. To be able to understand the context of your feedback, the following data are transmitted along with your feedback:

  • Information about your end device, such as browser and operating system
  • The SmartWe version used
  • Error messages

The log file is transmitted anonymously and use of the function is voluntary. You can send the file to yourself at any time.
When writing your feedback, please keep in mind not to include any personal data. All feedback is sent to us as an encrypted text message and is stored for the purpose of feedback verification. Please note that you will not receive an answer to your feedback.


Communication channels

If you want to contact SmartWe World AG, send us an e-mail to


Contact Data: data protection officer

Thomas Heimhalt (External data protection officer)





Changes or adjustments to the data privacy statement

The currently valid data privacy statement was last updated on September 16, 2020.

Due to legal changes, or the further development of our app, or the implementation of new technology, it might be necessary to adjust this data privacy statement to current circumstances. Only the data privacy statement which can be accessed at the time of your visit is valid.